Most commonly asked questions:


Q:  Is my windshield repairable?


A:  Stop in our office anytime if you have any questions.  One of our installers would

     be happy to take a look at your vehicle.



Q:  My windshiled is wet.  Can you repair my rock chip?


A:  The moisture has filled the area where the resin should go.  It is best to cover all

     rock chips with clear tape (such as packing tape) before it gets wet.  This will

     allow the surface to remain clean and dry until the repair can be completed. 

     If it is wet already, we will evaluate each repair before beginning the process.



Q:  After it is repaired, will the crack still be visible?


A:  A windshield repair is not a cosmetic repair.  It is intended to stregthen the glass

      in the damaged area and keep it from further spreading.  Each repair is unique

      and our installers do everything they can to ensure a great finished product.   



Q:  Is my rock chip repair covered by my insurance policy?


A:  Most insurance companies will cover the cost of up to three repairs for

     automobiles that carry comprehensive coverage. 



Q:  How do I turn this claim into my insurance company?


A:  We would be happy to file your claim for you.



Q:  How long will this repair take?


A:  Most rock chip repairs can be completed in about 30 minutes.